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Sites to Earn Extra Income

For so many reasons, many of us find it necessary to earn an extra income. As such, it is very fortunate that there are so many different venues through which you can augment your monthly salary, particularly on the Internet. On the online world, you can not only communicate with people or get entertained, but also do business, work, and even earn through various online rackets.

Making extra money on the World Wide Web certainly won’t be possible if not for the websites that made it possible. Obviously, among these are your usual email service providers, as well as sites that allow for online monetary transactions, like PayPal. On the other hand, there are those sites from which you can actually earn some extra cash. As there are too many of them for us to list, here are the few popular ones that suit our tastes:

Freelancing Sites

The first thing that will probably come to your mind when it comes to earning extra cash online would probably be work. You can certainly work on the Internet, full or part time. Naturally, we’d recommend the latter. Such can be found on freelance sites like Odesk.

You should take up online part time jobs that suit you best and where you are paid for your output instead of the time you’ve spent working. This will allow you to work in a flexible schedule, thereby minimizing the stress of working on an additional source of income.


Are you willing to do something for five dollars? If your answer is yes, then the Israel-based Fiverr is your best bet. Intended as a “social marketplace”, this site allows you to sell whatever it is that comes to mind at no more than five dollars. It’s motto, “Buy. Sell. Have fun”, definitely illustrates well what the site is all about. It can be fun in a way that you can sell virtually anything legal, from wacky accessories to a video of your craziest antics.


A lot of people see YouTube as no more than a community-driven website where they can watch and upload videos. With an impressive collection of over 200 million video clips and growing, one can easily see why this is the case. What many people don’t know is that one can also make money on YouTube. If you are an active member of the video-sharing community and have uploaded several popular positively-rated videos, you can be a YouTube partner and can earn a few dollars for every thousand views.


You may also want to try Craigslist, which is basically a list – hence the name – of just about everything. There you can find events, sales, public announcements, and many other things. You can also find jobs in your area, and even work that can be done from your home. However, as the site is free, it can’t be helped that you may run into scams, bogus jobs, troll posts, and other undesirable stuff.

If you want to earn extra income, then these sites are the best places for you to start. From these websites, you can familiarize yourself on how to make money online before you move on to more lucrative opportunities.

Make Money Online through Freelancing and e-Commerce

It has been established in our minds that working would always mean stepping out of your house in order to perform paid labor in a workplace away from home. At least, that’s the case before. Believe it or not, you can work and make money from your home, thanks to the many opportunities that you can find on the Internet. To those who do not know, not only Internet service providers and big website owners profit from the Web these days. You can do likewise as well, if you are willing to lend your services to online companies or maybe sell things online.

Selling Online

Making money by selling online is actually not as difficult as it sounds, provided that you have a computer, an Internet connection, and a means to make monetary transactions online. Many find selling on the World Wide Web more profitable than doing the same on the traditional market. If you have the necessary hardware, you don’t need to make really big investments.

You only have to buy your stocks and maybe your own web domain or a premium account in an e-commerce site. Also, online shopping is becoming more and more mainstream as people find searching for the products they want on the Internet a lot easier than doing likewise in real world shops and marketplaces.

Doing e-commerce via sites like Amazon and eBay is the most affordable option when you decide to sell online. This is recommended for starters and low-capital online entrepreneurs. A more expensive, though a lot more advantageous option would be to build your own e-commerce site. This allows you to better establish your brand and customer loyalty. Also, if your site is well-known enough, you get a better chance at creating a monopoly in your niche; this is pretty much impossible in online marketplaces, where you get to sell your merchandise alongside your competitors.


Freelancing is basically getting a job online. What makes freelancing different from other forms of employment is the fact that you are self-employed and that you have no lasting commitment with the company that hires you. You only get to work for a specific period of time, or according to whatever conditions you’ve agreed with your client.

Alongside online selling, working as a freelancer are the most profitable ways to make money online. This is because there are so many job opportunities available for online freelancers, given the fact that many online companies prefer hiring freelancers than get new regular employees to do jobs that they are short on hands for. This is because freelance workers cost less as they do not get to enjoy the amenities of an office and the regular employee benefits.
Not only do companies benefit from freelancers. Freelancers also get much benefit from their jobs, as they have quite some freedom with regard to their time and how they accomplish their tasks. The downside however is that freelancers don’t always get employment right after they’re done with their present employer.

Indeed, freelancing and selling are the best options to make money online. With a generous helping of wise management, you can even find financial success through these money making methods.