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Sites to Earn Extra Income

For so many reasons, many of us find it necessary to earn an extra income. As such, it is very fortunate that there are so many different venues through which you can augment your monthly salary, particularly on the Internet. On the online world, you can not only communicate with people or get entertained, but also do business, work, and even earn through various online rackets.

Making extra money on the World Wide Web certainly won’t be possible if not for the websites that made it possible. Obviously, among these are your usual email service providers, as well as sites that allow for online monetary transactions, like PayPal. On the other hand, there are those sites from which you can actually earn some extra cash. As there are too many of them for us to list, here are the few popular ones that suit our tastes:

Freelancing Sites

The first thing that will probably come to your mind when it comes to earning extra cash online would probably be work. You can certainly work on the Internet, full or part time. Naturally, we’d recommend the latter. Such can be found on freelance sites like Odesk.

You should take up online part time jobs that suit you best and where you are paid for your output instead of the time you’ve spent working. This will allow you to work in a flexible schedule, thereby minimizing the stress of working on an additional source of income.


Are you willing to do something for five dollars? If your answer is yes, then the Israel-based Fiverr is your best bet. Intended as a “social marketplace”, this site allows you to sell whatever it is that comes to mind at no more than five dollars. It’s motto, “Buy. Sell. Have fun”, definitely illustrates well what the site is all about. It can be fun in a way that you can sell virtually anything legal, from wacky accessories to a video of your craziest antics.


A lot of people see YouTube as no more than a community-driven website where they can watch and upload videos. With an impressive collection of over 200 million video clips and growing, one can easily see why this is the case. What many people don’t know is that one can also make money on YouTube. If you are an active member of the video-sharing community and have uploaded several popular positively-rated videos, you can be a YouTube partner and can earn a few dollars for every thousand views.


You may also want to try Craigslist, which is basically a list – hence the name – of just about everything. There you can find events, sales, public announcements, and many other things. You can also find jobs in your area, and even work that can be done from your home. However, as the site is free, it can’t be helped that you may run into scams, bogus jobs, troll posts, and other undesirable stuff.

If you want to earn extra income, then these sites are the best places for you to start. From these websites, you can familiarize yourself on how to make money online before you move on to more lucrative opportunities.

How to Make Money on Youtube: Be a YouTube Partner

The Internet is used by people for many different purposes. Some people make use of it for purposes of amusement and recreation, playing games and whatnot; others merely use it as a tool to connect them with acquaintances like friends and family; other people on the other hand do activities online through which they can earn some money. Of course, it is common knowledge that you can earn from the Internet. One of the overlooked ones though is the video sharing site YouTube. Yes, you can earn cash from that site, and learning how to make money on YouTube isn’t that hard.

Understanding YouTube

Earning an income through YouTube may sound complicated at first, given how uncommon the concept of earning directly from a video sharing website is. To learn how to make money on YouTube, you should first take time to learn the basics.

First, you should know what YouTube is. This site, as we have mentioned, is a corner in the World Wide Web where you can share your videos to the general public or to your friends. You may also watch publicly available videos on this site, of which there are many. YouTube’s entire video library is filled with 120 million user-uploaded videos, covering different topics and serving various purposes.

The size of YouTube’s video library says much about the size of its rather immense user base. As of present, the site has an estimated 300 million users from every part of the world. This would mean that every public video you post in YouTube can be viewed by more or less 300 million people. As such, you can say that YouTube is a mainstream video sharing site as compared to its competitors.

The Steps to Make Money in YouTube

As of now, you’re probably very eager to know just how can you earn cash through YouTube. The first thing that you should do is to have a working Google account. This will allow you to create a channel on YouTube, and thus access all user-exclusive features and content. Registering is totally free and easy, and so is creating a YouTube channel. Now your channel serves as your profile, a place where you display a bit of personal info and upload your videos.

Now in order to make money on YouTube, you first need to be a quite popular member. This means that you should have a sufficient amount of videos in your channel, and that a lot of those videos have a high number of views, high positive rating, and a good number of subscribers. Now this takes quite some work. Take an interest that you love the most and make good videos out of them, sharing your enthusiasm with the rest of the community.

Your popularity will make you eligible to become a YouTube partner. If you figure out that you are eligible for the program, make your application and wait for the site’s approval. Once you receive that approval, you can then earn money through your videos via Google AdSense.

By now, we hope that you have understood how to make money in YouTube. In case of doubt though, just take time to research and read before moving on.